Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The humble rope

Would you believe me if I told you this long, skinny piece of rope was one of the biggest sources of kids fun at a recent party?  Well, it was.  One rope became a tug of war game (we tripled it over, tied a few end knots in it and marked the middle and it was good to go).

Next it was on to limbo dancing where all the kids (big and small) had fun seeing how low they could go before getting out.

A simple game of jump rope came next as kids ran in and out displaying their fitness and timing skills.

Not wanting to be out-done (apparently jump rope was a bit girly - although I noticed it didn't stop the boys joining in), the boys started playing helicopter where the person in the middle swings the rope around on the ground like a helicopter blade as those around the edge jump over it.

One rope and four games. Who would have thought? And to think, I was going to string it up and hang the shade cloth on it!  So useful!

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