Monday, 19 August 2013

Christmas comes but once a year...or does it?

I love Christmas. I particularly love the lights. I have a ball every year playing spotto as I roam around the streets hunting out the best displays. I also think it's a shame to have something that is only used for a brief time each year and packed away again. So, here are a few excuses to make those lights stay out of their boxes a little longer and an opportunity to add that extra wow factor to your events with great atmosphere!

Christmas in July

In places where Christmas is held in warmer temperaters, ex-pats from places that usually have snow and cold during their Christmas started a tradition of holding a winter Christmas dinner in the middle of the year. This was to make them feel like they were back home. So you can get those lights out for Christmas in July as a start.

Fashion Parade Runway lights

We recently held a Paris Fashion Party.  It was a huge success with the party goers designing their own t-shirts and giving a fashion parade for the parents at the end.  Of course, to have a fashion parade, you need a runway and christmas lights were perfect!

Disco lights

What's a disco without lights?  Pull down the blinds and dim the lights.  Get those Christmas lights out, turn them on flash and you have yourself a disco party!

Fairy garden lights

Lots of Christmas lights these days are solar powered.  This is perfect for creating a year-round fairy garden.  I'm sure nestling lights in bushes and gardens helps to attract little fairies.

If you've got a great idea to use your Christmas lights, we'd love you to share it with us.

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